This led To the razbalansirane Turbo, which means to wear on the shaft. Also, there is a danger of molten pieces go on the engine, which is certainly a side effect.

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Water injection

Posted: 04.02.2013 in XsX Racing
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Detonaciite in the engine can be prevented as follows:

To decrease the temperature of the incoming ignition visokooktanovo smesSizpolzvaneto gorivoZabavâjki so dvigatelâPonižavajki ponižavajki nominal range “punch in”-module (a situation in which high pressure in the crankshaft oil izpraŝâ steam back into the combustion chamber) gave a richer mixture of stehiometričnataNamalâvajki compression and pressure buust

is used to reduce the temperature inside the cylinder and a more efficient combustion of the fuel-air mixture and so helps to avoid detonaciite.

This leads to loss of control of neutral (absence of understeer/prezavivane) touting a permanent 4WD. for cars based on models with drive to the rear like a Porsche 911 Carrera 4, this is not a specific problem

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torque from the motor can be moved from device červâčnata device, but not vice versa. Otherwise, the lock is blocked, and so is restricted slide

for higher. Quite logically the shortest ensures fast and free access to the fuel and air mixture at high speeds. But what now? It turns out that the longer the pipe leads to lower incidence of air mass, which is a cylinder, which largely overlaps with the speed of the engine. This helps To better carry out and thus increases the torque. In addition, the long journey the fuel and air leads to better cross-mixing.

Balanced dipole intake manifold

Bokserovite and V-type engines (but not on a regular basis), you can use the inbound collector balanced dipole reap better braking performance on medium to high speed. Each group of rollers is powered by a single camera in separate tubes. Two cameras are connected to two pipes of different diameter. One of them can become clogged valve system modifications of the engine alone. The ignition method is to choose that bottle is absorbed every camera, creating a wave of pressure between them. If the frequency of the wave pressure coincide with the revolution, which contributes to the filling of the cylinders. Because this frequency depends on the cross-section of the connection pipe in the low speed and reduces the frequency range of performance improvement at medium speed. When the valve is open for faster filling of the cylinders.
Resonant Collectors are used in various models of Porsche, starting with the 964 Carrera. Porsche 993 from is combined with another collector with variable length and create a system 3fáze Varioram. She, however, is too bulky and therefore only uses the resonant 996 system. Honda NSX is more representative of the rare collector cars balanced dipole.

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